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We are in the process of building a panel of informed & opinionated U.S. citizens who are willing to share their opinions on a variety of topics ranging from their favorite brands to breaking news or what they watch on TV!

Public Opinion Surveys

Our public opinion surveys typically take less than 5 minutes to complete and are only available to our panelists. Results from these surveys will be posted free for the public, politicians, policy makers and news organizations on our ad-free & subscription free website. Public opinion surveys are not paid. We believe the time it takes for you to share your opinions and for us to summarize them is for the public good.

We also send paid survey invitations to our panelists. Payout for these surveys can range from cash payouts, to free products & services from the companies that seek your opinion.

Online polling of our panelists is the only form of polling we do. This form of polling is faster and with proper weighting just as accurate as robocalls. No one likes robocalls.


Our public opinion polls are conducted typically 5-10 times each month and all surveys are strictly anonymous.

Also, the contact information you provide is downloaded each day and stored offline for security purposes. We will never contact you except to invite you to participate in a survey and your information is never given or sold to a third party.

*Our paid surveys are typically limited to the first 500 – 1,000 participants. Receiving an invitation via test message is the fastest way for you to participate and not miss out on a paid survey opportunity.

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